Hooked on three layer tea

I have never tasted the original three layer tea from Kuching, Sarawak. So, the first sip of three layer tea I had from Ananda Bahwan shall be the original one for me.

three layer tea

So, have you tested three layer tea from Kuching, Sarawak? Does it taste better than what I had here in Penang?

The three layers consist of the bottom layer made of gula melaka. It is a little bit like cendol, teh tarik and very lemak. The second layer is the evaporated milk. And to top that off, it is teh as in teh tarik kind of tea. So, what you get is a blend that is hard to describe. A bot cFrankly, the quality from Ananda Bahwan is not very consistent. I hope to find even better ones from around Penang. Anyone knows where I can find three layer tea?

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  1. Didn’t know Ananda Bahwan serves this, will try their soon.

    Can check out the one at Eng Loh Coffee Shop at the corner of Church Stree (Jalan Gereja) in town, I personally find theirs quite thick so far. You can also purchase the bottle of syrup from them to DIY, goes quite well with coffee.

  2. i have tasted the one in kuching, miri. but i have not tasted the one in ananda.
    it’s a good drink. there are variation using wheat grass instead of gula melaka too.

  3. i LOVE this drink too! but never tried the original one in Kucing. i like the one in town, the Sim Kin San coffee shop along macalister road.

  4. Go to the food court which operates at night at Hui Sing Garden in Kuching. You can get lots of interesting drinks there including the famous 3-layered tea.

  5. I have tried a similar tea that they called ‘3 colours tea’ in Brunei, which is really good. The bottom syrup is green and taste like pandan.

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