Nice pineapple jam tarts from Mt. Erskine hawker

This post is for the Penangites. If you know the Mt. Erskine hawker place, then, you will be able to find this house selling cream puffs, curry puffs and other homemade cookies and Chinese New Year kueh.

pineapple jam tart

The Mt. Erskine hawker is by the roadside just before the turning into Fettes Park. These hawkers have some pretty nice foods but I haven’t got around to take proper photos yet.

However, the pineapple tarts are awfully nice and I just have to blog about them. I bought a small container the other day when the tarts were just out of the oven and still warm.

It is delicious. So, go buy some! I am not sure of the name of the road or the house number but you can see a sign saying ‘Curry puffs for sale’. The curry puff is good too but a bit oily though.

You can find the recipe for pineapple tarts and the step-by-step of making pineapple tarts in my old blog post.

2 Replies to “Nice pineapple jam tarts from Mt. Erskine hawker”

  1. my dad loves this lady’s curry puffs! we always order it whenever we have functions/pot lucks etc. 🙂 and yeah the pineapple tarts are nice! cream puff also not bad.

  2. ohh.. i do miss this!
    Will alws tapau some whn we go the Mt Erskine hawker row to makan!

    fresh n hot off the oven n pop into the mouth for some instant gratification! Whoa!!

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