Steamboat before Chinese New Year

I love steamboat. But my whole family don’t. So, they hate going to steamboat restaurants. One will say the steamboat smell cling to the shirt. One will question why they need to cook their own foods. And the husband will asked, “Why don’t they just cook noodle soup with all the ingredients in one bowl?”

Doh…*throws hand in exasperation*


Anyway, it is not that difficult to have our own steamboat at home. It is much cheaper, nicer and relaxing. (steamboat soup recipe here)

I am preparing steamboat dinner tonight.

steamboat ingredients

The above photos are from previous year. However, I have most ingredients like large, white prawns, homemade fishball, homemade tofu flavoured with egg and fish (cos the fish I bought was rather big), squids, various types of mushrooms, fish maw, various type of meats and vegetables. (how to make homemade fishball)


To satisfy the husband need for carbs (not crabs), I bought some yellow noodles as well. I love the taste of the soup towards the end of the steamboat. That’s when I like to knock an egg to the boiling soup and noodle. But as usual, the hubby will cook the noodle with the egg and ingredients and have his ‘bowl of noodle’ before we even start enjoying the steamboat. *roll eyes*


Give me Chinese style steamboat with very plain soup anytime. I prefer the plain soup over those fancy herbal, Japanese, Korean or tomyam soup. Then, only you can enjoy the freshness of the seafoods.