Thailand’s foods are always so colourful

Chinese New Year is almost over. And this food blog didn’t feature a single Chinese New Year dish! How horrific!

Yet this CNY is one of the busiest for me. There was this one day where I have a few hours notice to cook lunch for 30 pax. And that falls on the same day when I was planning to cook dinner for another 30 pax.

All that cooking, rushing and stuffs eventually wore me out. I fell sick since last Sunday until now. So, that’s why I didn’t update a single post during this festive season.

night warong at satun, thailand

We went to Langkawi for a short holiday and decided to be adventurous and drove up to Satun in Thailand. Satun is the getaway to some really beautiful islands but unfortunately, the websites ‘ignore to mention’ that one needs a three hours boat ride to these islands.


Anyway, now we know where to drive to if we want a nice island gateway. We no longer need to drive to Terengganu for Redang. We can go to Satun and head to Koh Pileh.


Satun is a majority Muslim Thais so their foods are halal, mostly. But the weirdest thing is, even at Tesco Lotus (a huge modern hypermart), they have non-halal stalls side by side with the Muslim stalls. They serve from the same plates and cutleries too!


We had two meals at the foodcourt in Satun Tesco Lotus because the stalls by the roadside were rather dirty.


As I am on vegetarian fasting (with an occasion bites of fishes), my choice of foods were pretty boring.


So, I could only droll when my sons tucked into some delicious Thai fried chicken while I ate somtam or green papaya salad.

I will post about the Hole in the Wall restaurant in Langkawi next.

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  1. Indeed , Thai food has excellent variety and one of the most colorful on earth !

    We are a Malaysian Blog and shall be keen to feature some of your food or travel posts in our Blog if you have no objections, thank you!

  2. Hard to say where is the best place to stay lah. It depends on your budget, the type of holiday you are expecting and also whether you prefer driving around or stay put.

    I had stayed in several types of hotels in Langkawi, from the budget ones to the better ones. Usually, it is safer to stick to the chains of hotels if you are the kind who expects five star service.

    For us, we had stayed at Aseania (big pool), Tok Senik (in a kampung setting), Burau Bay (though not sure the hotel name now), Sheraton (when I was working and getting lots of free stay). My last one was at De Baron. It is cheap, very new but very localised, if you know what I mean? It has great sunset though.

  3. One more thing – We never bother to book in advance. We landed on Langkawi Island, and get one of those agents there to book for us. They know the hotels well and recommend according to what we want. (agents = a group of mak ciks and pak ciks sitting down at some mamak stall at the jetty)

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