Langkawi Kilim Geoforest park – Hole in the wall Malay seafoods

The other day when I was in Langkawi, we decided to charter a boat to take my whole family for a 3 hours ride. I think it is RM300 for the ride. They took us to several places like eagles feeding, bat caves, fish farm and etc. One of the attraction is the Hole in the Wall Malay seafoods restaurant.


It is a floating seafood restaurant. The food is just so-so only but the fun of taking a boat to the restaurant makes it worthwhile. If you are not taking the mangrove tour, you can phone the restaurant and meet at the Sungai Kilim pier. They will send a boat to fetch you to their restaurant free of charge. (search for the phone number yourself hehehe)


When we start our mangrove tour, the boat man took us to the restaurant first. He asked us to pre-order our foods so that when we return 3 hours later, the meals are ready. There are lots of tourists so it is a wise thing to do.


My two city boys had such thrills catching a fresh fish from the waters for our lunch. The fish is about one kilogram and costs RM65.


Poor fish ended up on the lunch table, steamed.


The kerabu mangga is also so-so.


The crabs are solid though. It was cooked sweet and sour style. No such thing as baked crabs or steamed crabs.


We asked for ayam goreng and this is the ayam goreng kunyit that they served. *roll eyes*


There are other exotic seafoods like lobsters, slipper lobsters and etc. The above is the horseshoe crab. However, we didn’t order anything fancy as the prices are not that cheap either.

Still, it is quite a fun to take the mangrove tour as we had such lovely time floating down the river. The sky and clouds were so beautiful that morning.

Next time, if you have ran out of things to do in Langkawi, book one of those mangrove tour and enjoy nature.