What’s good to eat at Queens Food Market, Queensbay Mall?

Answer : Nothing. It is just another food court.

I am not a fan of foods from supermarket and hypermarket food courts. We can get much tastier and cheaper foods at hawker stalls and kopitiams. But sometimes, for convenience sake, we do patronise food courts.

The other thing I hate about food court is the crowd. I certainly hate fighting for a place with a tray full of hot soup and drinks.

However, Queens Food Market is certainly a notch higher than the regular food court. It looks classier and the foods are a little bit unique. But they don’t freaking sell Milo and Nescafe! They have some other brand and the taste sucks.

asam pedas

This bowl of asam pedas yong tau foo is quite cheap at RM6. But the taste failed miserably. It is neither sour, sweet or hot. I should have known because usually, asam pedas will emits its sourish smell that makes your mouth water. But you cannot get a sniff of them.

mee kuah ketam

However, this mee kuah ketam from the Periuk Besar chicken rice stall is rather interesting. If there is one dish I recommend, this is it. It is a bit like mee udang and mee jawa combined. The nasi ayam is not bad too. Portion is very generous.

The other stuffs worth eating are the scallop porridge from the I Love Yoo stall. Their soya bean milk is a bit ‘green’ taste to me though.

And my kids love the durian egg tart from the egg tart stall.

This is a halal eating spot.

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  1. The Star had a feature on this Queens Market, but when we were there a few weeks ago it did not reflect the report that it carried in their publication.

    We have yet to try the offerings in the food court, so can’t comment on the food.

  2. Jason – Hahaha, obviously these writers are paid to say good things only. I rarely eat at the food court at the basement cos it smells of keropok lekor so ‘chau chor’.

  3. this is the worst food court i’ve been to on my trips back to penang.. penang is famous for its delicious food.
    there’s none at this food court.food sold here are totally tasteless and unrecogniseable. only the ice kacang/cendol stall is ok.

  4. Lilian, I also hate the smell of keropok lekor. Smells like someone is frying salted fish and the smell sticks to my hair and dress.Yucks!Wonder what foreigners think. I am so glad the keropok lekor stall in Giant (Bayan Baru) is no more. It used to smell so horrible.

    Last week I ate at the Queen’s food court. The ice cream on the ice kacang was not even a full scope!I was shaped like a doughnut with a hole in the centre. When I complained to the server, they just smile. Next time I shall not add ice cream to my ice kacang, if I ever eat there again!

    I ate the Nasi Pandan set. It had a very small serving of ‘jiu hu char’ served on a small piece of soggy lettuce. The server just take the lettuce out from a container of water and did not even bother to drain it before serving it. So it was dripping wet!

    A few weeks ago I bought some egg tarts and durian tarts there too. I also bought a packet of biscuit. I ate the biscuit and found them not properly baked (underdone). I returned them and was given my money back without any unnecessary questions. Wah.. how’s that for good service! I was half expecting them to say that there’s nothing wrong with their biscuit and that I don’t know how to taste. BTW I agree, the tarts are nice and fresh! Will definitely go back for more.

    I also like my Nescafe and Milo. What they sell there is not nice.

  5. I agree that the quality of food on the ground floor has detiorated but not all stalls.

    The most amazing experience i encountered in Queens Food Market was the Indian food stall.

    Forgot the name but thats the only stall selling Indian Food. I had Chicken biryani and my wife had mutton briyani, the taste was really amazing now this stall is not meant to be in a food court.

    We both ended up sharing our food and finished till the last drop.
    I have recommended this stall to all my friends and family in Penang and definitely thinking of dropping by on my next trip.

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