Penang Coconut Jelly

Coconut is like the miracle fruit for many. Do you know that some cancer patients who are undergoing radiotherapy like to drink coconut water? They say it cools them down after the treatment. When I was in Mt. Miriam, some swear by how effective it is to ‘cool’ them down. My bro-in-law who passed away at the Penang GH due to cancer also had many coconuts delivered to him. His friends plucked the fruits (coconut is a fruit, rite?) fresh from their kampung and bring to him daily.


Some culture recommends pregnant women to drink coconut water. Some forbid it. My mom would faint if I dare to drink it during pregnancy because she said the coconut will give me and the baby ‘wind’.

I don’t believe in wind or cooling. Instead I believe in bacterias. If you take a contaminated fruit, you are bound to get tummy upset and bloatiness.

coconut jelly

Now, have you seen jelly in coconut instead of coconut water? Well, this is the real Penang Coconut Jelly. It is a process whereby they turned the coconut water into its jelly form. You can find out more by asking the producer.

penang coconut jelly

There is an email where you can write to them and ask. My hubby buys the coconuts for me so I never have a chance to go to the shop yet. It is located near to Sports Toto near the Petani Road Police Station in Jalan Datuk Keramat.

RM3.70 per fruit. Supposed to be refrigerate at 2 deg celcius. I would prefer to and eat them immediately for fear of contamination as bacteria grows fast in coconut as it is milky.

coconut jelly

I absolutely love it and will drool about it. However, you need to find a fruit that is not too old. You can tell from the colour of the coconut shell. The darker coloured ones are older and usually a bit sourish. The right one is very sweet. After eating the jelly, I will scrap the coconut flesh with a spoon.

Do you know they have fake coconut jelly as well? It is sold for RM3.50 at some wet markets. I bought one before. It is actually scrapped coconut flesh mixed with jelly, hardened in the coconut. Note that this Joez Coconut Jelly is using strictly coconut water minus the scrapped coconut flesh and jelly. The ‘fake ones’ taste nice as well but I do wonder how clean the process of scrapping the coconut flesh is.

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  1. i’ve taste the FAKE coconut jelly too, the process is not clean at all n is sold directly opposite JOEZ COCONUT they even CURI the PENANG COCONUT JELLY title which mr. joe(the producer)introduced …JOEZ COCONUT JELLY is the best…

  2. Lilian,
    The juice has been pasteurised to minimise bacteria growth. Their product have even been filmed by Singapore’s Media Corp for a makan programme that will be aired soon.

  3. The jelly is yummy. Talking abt coconut water hor, just few weeks ago a few person told me that coconut water is also medicine to certain sickness but you must consume within 2 hours after plucking from the tree.

  4. Yes, coconut products are good for you. Coconut water is cooling and good to drink if you got measles. Coconut oil good for skin and hair.

    The jelly is yummy. But susah a bit to go buy becos difficult to park. Can stop in front of shop and place your orders but will hold up traffic as the shop very very near the traffic lights.

  5. Momo – Today I passed by after going to Times Square. So I just get my money ready, hit the hazard light and show 1. They bring to me, I pecut.

  6. My grandmother used to have a species of coconut (until the 70s) that has a thick jelly and oily and creamy. Whenever we visit and its harvesting time we would ask the contract workers to reserve one or two for us. Not sure this jelly is the same one.

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