Tuesday lunch at KDU

Last Tuesday, I took my #2 and #5 sons to KDU to have lunch because my #1 son and his college mates are selling lunch at the KDU foyer. My eldest son is in his second year for the Diploma in Professional Chef and they are now assigned to start up a cafe and sell foods.


There are lots of college students having their lunch there. Other people can also walk in and have lunch. They start serving from 10.30 am until 2.30 pm. It is really value for money because the dishes you find in cafes and restaurants cost about twice the price. Yet, many cafes cut cost and usually don’t give very nice ingredients like them.

creamy pasta

KDU kitchen is halal as they have lecturers and students who are Muslims. The above creamy pasta with mushroom costs only RM7. It is very tasty, much better than most restaurants, my very discerning and picky eater #2 son said.


If you intend to go, remember it is only available on Tuesday, just drive into KDU and leave your car at the porch. So long as you do not block the path for cars to pass through, the guards do not mind. If you want, you can also remove the plastic cones to park. Just don’t block the way, the guards will close one eye. Parents do go to pay bills so they won’t dare make noise, you see.


The lunch menu is rather extensive. They have the main menus which are usually chicken, fish and pasta cooked by the more senior students. Meanwhile the more junior ones prepare sandwiches and other snacks. Prices for sandwiches are only around RM3.50. The above minced chicken toast wrapped in egg is only about RM4.50.


The menu changes every week as they have different teams cooking. I was lucky that one of the student is an expert in cooking Penang assam laksa. It was good. Better than most hawkers. The laksa is only RM3.50 and is loaded with fish, both fresh (as I can find some bones in the soup) and also canned tuna.


I am not sure what this is because it is a sample of the dishes wrapped in cling wrap. They have prepared very delicious sounding chicken and fish dishes which are served with potatoes, asparagus and gravy.


They also serve burgers with their own handmade patties. It is huge. We find the bun a bit dry though. I suppose no one makes buns like McD does.

This once a week cafe opens 10.30 am to 2.30 pm until July 2010 only. (they may close during exams or whatever so have back-up plans ya?) They have a Facebook page over here at KDU AtapCafe. So, if you are around town, looking for something new to try, check them out. Each week, they have a new team cooking so I cannot guarantee the quality. Hehehe, I had eaten some rather bland foods last year. Oh ya, the serving staffs are also students in the hospitality line but mostly, they are rather ‘green’ so bear with it too. Don’t expect five star service please.

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  1. I like to go for lunch at Hardwicke because senior citizen got discount!

    Next time I may try KDU! Thanks for info.

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