WOW! GAS hotline 1300-888-GAS

I just bought a women’s magazine and it came with a fridge magnet. Initially, I thought it is a fridge magnet to promote some movie like Avengers. However, upon closer look, it is actually a promotion for GAS PETRONAS.

There is a phone number 1300888GAS(427) and a website for GAS PETRONAS . Curious, I clicked on the link to see if it works. It does work and there are information on it too.

Now, we can worry less about not getting our gas supply when we run out of gas. Have you ever ran out of gas at the most important moments? I did. Several times. Once, during Chinese New Year, I ran out of gas in the midst of cooking. I called and called my regular sundry shop but no one picked up the phone. Out of desperation, I had to personally carry the empty gas tank into my car and drove to the shop.

The poor man was too busy delivering gas tanks and didn’t pick up my call. Seeing that this poor woman had carted the empty tank to his shop, he took pity on me and immediately delivered a full tank for me. Cos you see, I won’t be able to bring back a full tank and instal it myself due to the weight.

Now that you know can you can order Gas PETRONAS at their Gas PETRONAS Home Delivery Number free number, you can Call 1300888GAS(427). You get Mesra Points. Trainned Personnel and efficient delivery, the crew will conduct safety checks.

For more info log in to .

You can also watch a video here on Youtube

According to their website, if you order your GAS PETRONAS through their hotline number, you also get a free fridge magnet too. But then, it is not so hard to remember the hotline number, isn’t it? At least now we know if we ran out of gas, we are not at the mercy of sundry shop owners who do not seem to be around to answer our SOS calls.