Video on Joez of Joez Penang Coconut Jelly

A few days ago, I dropped by Joez’s Penang Coconut Jelly shop because I was done filming Komtar and had plenty of time to do another video. I was thirsty after taking pictures at Komtar. So, the idea of having coconut water and coconut jelly seemed like a good idea.

I was probably having my hardworking streak that evening. So, I decided to make a short video on Joez who is the owner of Joez’s Penang Coconut Jelly. I figured if I want to make a video that can goes on air at, I have to focus on something more than foods.

In the end, I did get an interesting story about how this young man chose to take up his father’s business of being coconut distributors, repackaged and rebranded this traditional fruit (coconut is a fruit, eh?) and make it attractive to the younger generation.

Joez has a website now. It is at Joez Coconut URL here :

I hope Joez success which means we can have more locations to enjoy the coconut jelly.

3 Replies to “Video on Joez of Joez Penang Coconut Jelly”

  1. Jason – Sure, it is an honour. I haven’t got around to mail to Joez yet. LOL, too busy making Hulu Selangor videos. If you pop by, do tell him.

  2. hi lilian,
    thanks a lot for the video …i was laughing at myself when i watch the video…oh god is that me, n my fren is the wan who told me that i came out in malaysiakini.remember u asked me y i choosed Penang coconut jelly ? i forgot to say that the word “PENANG” got magic in it!! Once again THANK U VERY MUCH .

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