A food bloggers gathering at Jurin Japanese restaurant, sort of..

This is a long overdue post about the food bloggers gathering we had at Juriin Japanese restaurant in Gurney Plaza. I didn’t post about it because I am not sure where to start.

After much thought, I think it helps if I offer some ideas and my opinions as a customer.

1) Food bloggers can make or break your business

Nowadays, with the accessibility of the internet in everyone’s hand through their mobile phones, online presence is very, very important. I have often Googled for a place before I go. Whatever comes up top on the search will be referred. Sometimes, the things I read turned me off so I find other alternatives. So, if you are thinking of getting a bunch of food bloggers to eat at your place, you need to be extra cautious.


2) Menu planning

Jurin has kindly thrown in many extras for our gathering. We paid RM50 per person (just in case people think we eat for free) for the meal. Unfortunately, poor menu planning caused many of us too full to eat and enjoy. For example, this tray of sushi are so packed with rice and more rice. The sushi is huge too.

3) Think of your customers’ taste


After that huge tray of sushi, we were given another plate of tempura sushi. This is deep fried rice. Nowadays, most people are watching their diets and serving huge portions is not something they appreciate.

4) Creativity


It is not easy for Japanese foods outlets to compete with the bigger chains like Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. Sakae Sushi is my preferred one over Sushi King. Somehow, Jurin doesn’t seem to go out of their way to make the bento. The above bento is again filled with rice and tamago.

You will agree that there is no visual creativity to the bento.

5) Variety

Don’t you think that Japanese restaurants should serve small portions of funny stuffs like those red octopuses, some of those green peas (I am too lazy to think of their Japanese names), white squids or something instead of this huge plate of more RICE!


This plate though is quite ok came after my bento, plate of tempura sushi and the earlier tray of sushi.

6) Visual

Japanese have the most beautiful cutleries and those plates. However, we were told that they ran out of the serving bowls so we were given melamine wares of some gaudy designs.


Many of us had a hard time trying to focus on the icecream without the bowl spoiling the pictures. But tried as I am, I still hate the sight of colours fighting with colours.

Restaurants have to remember that when we blog about how nice the foods, or not, our readers cannot taste what we tasted. So, what appears on the photos we take are very important. Isn’t it easier to quickly invest in some nice, simple white bowls so that we can help to make the rather messy icecream looks nicer?

I know I am rather harsh compared to all the other bloggers who attended and ate the same meals as I had. But I seriously do not see why customers will want to go back if they encountered the same thing as I had. RM50 a meal is not cheap for most people.

If I may suggest, those Japanese restaurants who want to stand out have to invest in real Japanese chefs and not someone who knows how to roll sushi. There are a few Japanese restaurants which have Japanese owners and their standard and quality are something worth following.

Now, who wants to invite me eat at your restaurant after this review? Kekekeke…I mean well, so take it with a pinch of wasabi.

4 Replies to “A food bloggers gathering at Jurin Japanese restaurant, sort of..”

  1. I do agree with your observations and advices. And I would definitely invite you to my restaurant if I have one. It is good and straight advice. There is a Cantonese saying: “Do wrong must admit, beat must stand still”.

  2. We never expected they gave such a ricey starters! They have changed the starter without notification.
    anyway, i agree, they really need to THINK how would they stand out from the crowd among the competitors.

  3. Now I know why the Jurin near my house (at Krystal Point) closed down soon after it opened a few years ago. I only ate there once.

    I don’t like too much rice too. Appears like they try to quickly fill you up so you can’t eat more. This is especially so when you pay a flat rate. When Sushi King was having their RM2 per plate offer, it was mostly for the rice dishes.

    Anyway, I also like Sakae Sushi more. The only thing I miss about Sushi King is the sweet soy sauce.

  4. Till today, I have yet to step inside Jurin.

    I do agree with you. Looks like the choice of menu is not properly arrange and organized. It is indeed over filling, stuffed with rice.

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