Ulam Raja – Nicest local Malaysian herbs

I adore simple Malay dishes because it seems to be much healthier than the Indian Muslim spicy curries.

ulam raja

Most days, I will drop by the many Malay stalls around Tanjong Tokong and Tanjong Bungah for the Nasi Melayu when I have ran out of ideas on what to eat.

ulam raja

I love the photo of this ulam raja. It seems so fresh, green and refreshing. Do you know that ulam raja has some very good properties too? According to Wikipedia :

Found to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects the Malay people believe that the herb is good for health and contains anti-aging properties or awet muda, and that it tones up blood circulation, strengthens the bones and promotes fresh breath.

Now, who wouldn’t want to remain youthful, right? So, the next time you find ulam raja at your favourite Malay rice stalls, don’t hesitate to grab a bunch and a saucer of sambal belacan or sambal cincalok to eat with the greens.

ikan keli, ulam raja

Remember that when you eat Malay dishes, they are best enjoy eating with your bare hands. The above plate of nasi Melayu with ikan keli, nangka masak lemak and ulam raja is from the Nasi Padang stall near Transfer Road. I cannot find where my old post is so I cannot recall what’s the name of this shop. Let me go back and take more photos, eat more ulam raja and make another blog post.

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  1. place is called nasi padang international on transfer road.
    a must for me when i visit penang.

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