Lamb shank pie recipe


Rosemary and thyme are two herbs that go very well together with lamb. So, adding garlic to the lamb will make a great stew. Just drop whatever vegetables you like into the pot and you have yourself a nice stew.


But serving stew is not exactly very elegant if you are having a party. So, what I do is to make it into a pie using a few simple method. If you bring that to a potluck party, it looks impressive.


To be continue……(bcos this is a live demo) 🙂



After I have made the stew, I take out some of the vegetables and puree them to thicken the stew. I do not use the liquid part of the stew. (this can be used as stock for other stuffs if you like)

I place the shanks into the baking dish, put in the puree, add some of the vegetable pieces. Then, I layer the top with either puff pastry, potatoes or mashed potatoes.

I bought a nice potato slicer from India which can make the above lattice slices.


This is how the casserole of lamb shanks, puree and vegetable looks like. I topped it with a few slices of cheddar cheese before I layer the top with the potatoes which I have parboiled.


The above is the only photo I managed to shoot. I totally forgot about taking more pictures of my beautiful lamb shank after I removed it from the oven.

You can get the lamb shank pie recipe from my earlier post. And do read how Jamie Oliver Lamb Shank pie recipe has inspired me.

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