Bon Voyage to the crew of Jewel of the Muscat, from Sigi’s

There will be not many photos of foods from this food blog because I have more photos of the crew of this unique ship call Jewel of Muscat. I visited the ship more than a week ago when they berth at the Tanjung Marina.

jewel of muscat, captain saleh

So, when Sigi’s staff invited me to join them in celebrating Captain Saleh’s surprise birthday party, I do not want to miss the chance of also wishing them Bon Voyage. They are leaving Penang for Port Klang on June 18th and then, to its final destination, Singapore.

The ship, called the ship without nails was built and presented to Singapore as a gift. It has taken them three months to sail from Oman to Penang and will take another 2 weeks to reach Singapore.


I meet Tuanie Ismail again and we have a chance to have some cocktails before the birthday cake was presented by two belly dancers to Captain Saleh. Sigi’s has always been tops in making sure we are well taken care off and we had plenty of snack foods like spring rolls, samosas and calamaris.


Captain Saleh is very sporting and danced well when invited by the belly dancer. He is very touched with the attention showered on him as he didn’t know they are giving him a birthday treat.

This man has successfully sailed, using the basics stars, moon and sun as the guide. The Jewel of Muscat is an ancient ship and there is only bare minimum on the ship.


CK Lam, a familiar face in food blogging was there with her husband and we took photos with Captain Saleh.


And of course, I also took a photo with Tuanie as he is one of the friendliest crew who speaks English well. He is a model ship builder, a very talented and skilled man.


Sigi’s is having a Middle Eastern theme at their restaurant in Golden Sands and foods served to the crew includes kebabs, barbequed fishes, coucous, various types of salads and more.


When the crew were at sea, do you know that they rear their own chicken and ducks on the ship? They also catch fishes and sometimes, dry the fishes in the sun to preserve them. So, I am sure they are very glad to be on land and having meals served to them, instead of catching fishes. 🙂

The above is a video of the CM’s visit to Jewel of Muscat. I didn’t manage to film much of the ship footages because I was so afraid of falling off into sea as there were so many people the other day and I had to balance myself, my camera and tripod, while making sure I didn’t trip on some other photographers’ straps or the ship’s ropes and planks.

For those in KL, watch out when Jewel of Muscat berth. And Singaporeans are looking forward to welcome this gift from the King of Oman.

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To the crew of Jewel of Muscat, I wish them a speedy and safe sailing to Singapore. And thank you, Sigi’s for the lovely evening with these brave seafarers.

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