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Gone were the days when I have too much time on hands and spend a long time in the kitchen, meddling with cooking. Lately, I have less time but that doesn’t mean eating out all the time.

The other day, I decided to have party foods for our daily dinner. I baked a fish pie as the main meal. Then, I prepared several snacks.

One of them is cheese sandwiches. It is just mayo, cheese and bread. One of my kid dislike butter so I didn’t bother with it.

cheese sandwiches

I have always love making these tiny deviled eggs but unfortunately, I am not of those who has patience when it comes to cooking. My eldest son said deviled eggs are supposed to be quail eggs, not large chicken eggs. But who cares, it is tasty.

I made hard boiled eggs. Cut into two, take out the yolk, mash and flavour with meat curry powder, salt, pepper and evaporated milk. I added enough milk to make the eggs soft and smooth enough to be piped.

devilled eggs

I made a fish pie with pre-made short crust pastry. I have four squares extra. So I opened a tin of chili tuna and turn it into tiny curry puffs. It is really simple. Just put some of the tuna, roll up like a cigar and then, cut into small sizes. Puff pastry will puff if you cut it tinier.


Lastly, the treat is smoked salmon with brie cheese on crackers. The table water cracker is so expensive. Local stores just don’t bother to carry table water crackers anymore. Even brands like Arnotts are not available anymore. Table water is the nicest and easiest complementary thing to turn foods into stylish snacks. What you put on top is up to your imagination.


I am going for another battle in the kitchen. Huge prizes are for the taking. Wish me luck and remember to send good vibes and prayers to me. I need that cos I am probably the least prepared contestant.

I have strong feelings that I shouldn’t focus too much on what to cook. I want to have a relaxing and enjoyable adventure, doing something I am familiar with. Though we have a chance to have some practices at home, I do not want to practise too much, only to be challenged when I do not have the ingredients I am used to. So, I shall have a ‘come what may, I can cook’ attitude and just jump in and put on my cooking mode.

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