Food bloggers, excuse me while I rant that Anna Thai Pulau Tikus is pricey, chaotic and not nice

Damn, that is one long title for a food blog but I got to rant.

I just had a RM26 Thai economy chap-fan and here’s what pissed me off. Must do in point form so I do not miss a single rant.

1) I arrived before 1pm and being a 9-emperor god last 3 days, there shouldn’t be many people, right? But the dishes were almost finished and the three persons dishing out the foods were clueless and completely blur.

2) I noticed there are no dishes which are not spicy. So, I asked nicely if they have anything that is not spicy as my boy cannot take spicy foods or those stuffs like pig’s trotter with vinegar. “No, No, No, no fried rice.” Good eating places owners would be considerate and think of something, right?

3) I didn’t notice they have a menu for Thai pork leg rice and Thai chicken rice and these blur sotongs also never tell me.

4) So, I had to opt for dry white rice with a fried chicken.

5) Then, come the most ridiculous thing. I wanted my dishes to be on top of my rice because what my son eats and what I am eating are different. Why the fuss of having so many plates?

6) NO NO NO, we cannot put….

7) So, I showed them one woman who is eating like that. They said, “She don’t know…” WTF?

8 ) So, I asked for the white rice so I can take some gravy from the vegetable dishes to pour on my son’s rice. NO NO NO, you tell us what dishes you want.

9) By then, I wanted to say go to hell. But I have paid my parking so I am not leaving. Plus it is rather hot and my son will complain if I asked him to walk further to the hawkers place.

10) In the end, I had to choose a few dishes for me and a few dishes for my son.

11) They scooped the bamboo shoots and tiny piece of fish. It is just 3 tiny pieces of bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are awfully cheap, ok? But no, no, no…that’s the amount.

12) No choice, I had to get the pork leg with vinegar. And again, they gave me 3 bones. I asked for more and had to pay RM5 for that bones.

13) With the pork leg, bamboo shoot and lor han chai plus a tiny overfried, hard like cardboard chicken, I had to pour the free soya sauce to eat or it is totally tasteless. My kid couldn’t finish the hard, tasteless chicken though he normally likes chicken.

14) With that and a bowl of cendol plus one tiny nangka rice, it costed me RM26. Not a single prawn, decent looking chicken, fish or anything. Just pork fats and some overcooked vege.

Service is so chaotic. They are not like not having enough people. It is their stupid system of wanting everything in a tiny bowl, plate to identify the amount. Please lah, want to open chap-fun stall, freaking get someone to stand there and count lah. Malay nasi campur, nasi kandar, Chinese economy rice all operate like that. Why must every single dish in one tiny bowls/plate. Then, your people have to bring the tray with all the tiny plates to our table. Waste your time, manpower and our time too. If you want standard, then, open a normal restaurant with menu lorr….why so mah fan?

Taste wise, nothing special. I would rather go to the Authentic Thai stalls which usually move around the shopping mall. Their taste is more authentic than these. So, yeah, it looks like I am the only food blogger who is complaining about Anna Thai Pulau Tikus. You can do a Google search and see.

Don’t ever go. Inspite of the crowd and the good reviews, it is lousy. Expensive, chaotic and nothing special.

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  1. Hey I now live in Sydney but was in Penang for nearly 20years.
    Your bee hoon fish head in new lane,nasi kandar in Pitt Street is still very good.

    Why go Thai when you got the own best in Penang….
    If you wanna try new try Vietnamese food

  2. dont be so sour and fussy one…if people blog on a certain shop and they get sudden crowd, sure gonna suffer in quality till they can manage the situation.

  3. Gill – Ya…you and Jason go try and be referee see whether I fussy or other bloggers over-rated the place. Make sure you tell me hor? See if the ‘small small plate for each dish’ drives you nuts or not.

  4. Wah. Tiny small plate for each dish – served for japanese cuisine, I don’t mind. But if it’s for Thai, it will really drives me nuts. 🙂

  5. Oh yeah…whatever you said is true. I had a very bad experience there too. Just for 4 tiny mini plates of dishes it cost me RM 16.00 Felt slaughtered like a chicken.

  6. It is bloody damn expensive. Just wondering if the other food bloggers are writng the right comments? They never mentioned about the 5 star prices.

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