Trang while on the way to Krabi, Thailand

Actually, I had taken some interesting road trip to Thailand. However, I didn’t have time to note them down so far.

By now, I have even forgotten where I went until I stumbled upon the old photos. We went to Phuket by road and stopped at Krabi for a night. From Google map, it is 488 KM from home but somehow, I think it is a lot nearer because of the interesting sights and also the nice and free highway Thailand provides. None of our Plus Toll endless stops, just pure open, straight road all the way up north.


I think this roundabout with dolphins is one of their landmark. But then, I have totally forgotten which province of Thailand I was in, so don’t trust my words.


What I remember about Trang while on the way to Krabi is the biscuit shops which are own by Chinese. It reminds me of our local Him Heang, Ghee Hiang with the boxes of tau sar pneah and these colourful swiss rolls.


I later learned that Trang is famous for these cakes and also their kopi and dim sum. However, I missed the coffee and dim sum as I thought Thailand only sells tomyam.


We left Penang at dawn and arrived in Krabi around mid-day. Hungry and unsure where to eat, we stopped by a rice stall. Oh wow, you should see the amount of pork they sell! It is like every dish has pork in it.


Being Malaysian, I have this culture shock because I see sambal belacan and ulam and yet,has to remind self that this is not a Muslim but a super non-halal stall.


I tell you, the Trang economy rice stall dishes are 100 times nicer than Anna Thai and it is so cheap. We ordered almost every dishes available – pork ribs, fatty pork, minced pork, soya sauce pork etc etc.


They also have their own version of cendol and though it is not as tasty as Penang ones, it is authentic with lots of pandan fragrance and thick coconut milk.


Trang is about 370KM from Penang. We drove through the Wang Kelian immigration and had an easy drive.

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