I wish our wet markets are like Hongkong wet markets

To many it must be so silly to actually visit a wet market while on holidays. But to me, it is where the life and soul of a place is. You can see the real people at wet markets. They are without their pretentious clothes, no airs about them and they are the authentic and original folks. I had been to wet markets in Paris, Florence, Rome and Genoa in Italy. Of course, Thailand wet markets are usually tourist spots as well like the one in Hatyai where people go in droves to buy Zebra pots and pans.


I was in Hongkong in the last few days and our hotel is within walking distance from the Bowrington Wet Market. In the mornings when all my sons are sleeping, hubby and I would slip out and take a walk with the Hongkies.


Everything is interesting to me, including these different coloured corn on cobs. Then, there are those jumping fishes and live prawns and lobsters. It is like walking into a scene in Hongkong TVB series. You know..the heroes or heroines will rush to the market, get the freshest fishes and meats and cook for the family.


There are plenty of seafoods in Hongkong and I wish I have an apartment suite to cook myself some homecooked meals. Many years back, we did live in an apartment suite while hubby was working there. We spend almost every day having steamboats because the ready stock is easily available and fresh seafoods imported from Japan are plenty.


There is no smell at the wet market and the ground is not wet either. It is totally clean. The air doesn’t have fishy smells or chicken being slaughtered and dunk in hot water smell. You know…like our wet markets here which are so stinky.


As my eldest son is studying to be a chef, he and I enjoyed the scene from the markets too. The different kinds of vegetables and fruits not found in our local markets are interesting. The shiny and colourful fruits and vegetables are sights to behold. Then, there are the exotic dried seafoods and dried Chinese ham hanging in the shops for us to ogle. We didn’t buy any, not even the Chinese sausages because we are not very sure if we can get through customs. Now, I am regretting I didn’t grab some dried Chinese ham which will make fantastic stocks…

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2 thoughts on “I wish our wet markets are like Hongkong wet markets

    Jason Wong

    (November 22, 2010 - 9:05 pm)

    The first when we reach the Lengham, we went to the market nearby to look around. Lots of things that are still breathing and many variety of fresh vegetables. Very “suao ku”!


    (November 23, 2010 - 6:09 am)

    I am with u on visitng local markets whenever I travel. I used to work in HK too. I like Msian mkts for what they are..the smell, the ambience, the craziness. Was recently at the Chowrasta in Pg…that was an experience! The fish mkt in Tokyo is on my bucket list!

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