The much talkabout Hongkong roasted goose from Yung Kee, Central, Hongkong

I thought people are exaggerating when they said they cannot get a table at Yung Kee for the whole day! And I found out that it is for real. After we had a hearty breakfast at the wet market in Hongkong, we made our way to Central. I nonchalantly walked up to the waiters and told them I want a table at 2pm. It was around 11 am and we planned to do some shopping first before we have lunch.

And they immediately responded, “Leong tim? Mou wai” So, I asked what time then. They told me, “Seng yat..” Gone case. However, they told me if I want to eat then, they do have a place. Remember that we just had our breakfast and they offered us the rare opportunity to take a table…


We are going to Hongkong Disneyland for the next two days and I won’t have a chance to find out if the roasted goose is what the blogs touted. My hubby knows he will not have peace until he stuffed me with the goose. So, we decided to have a sampling of their menu.

We ordered a bowl of pei tan chook or century egg porridge, a portion of noodle as one of my son didn’t have enough breakfast, a small plate of goose and a small portion of roasted suckling pig. There were five of us but the foods we ordered is probably enough to feed two persons with normal appetite.


Later on, the waiter came to me and asked me if I want appetitizer in the form of century egg with ginger. I took a look at the menu and notice HKD8.50. I still had problems converting, forgetting whether I should multiply or divide 2.45. So, I told him to give me one portion. I was expecting four eggs maybe, with that price. But wahlau eh, it is only HALF a century egg! The egg is different from our regular ones in the sense that the yolk is still runny and creamy.


When the congee and noodle arrived, I was like omg, that’s the tiniest bowl of foods I have seen. It is really a small portion for one person. Good thing too cos we were full. But at the price I saw on the menu, I was expecting at least our usual bowl of serving. No…this is the tiny desert bowl size.

The suckling pig is a little let down because there is nothing special about it. I have tasted better ones in restaurants here in Penang. Sea Palace here in Penang serves better flavoured and crispier skin.


Finally our half a goose arrived. Is it that out of this world? Well…not exactly. Maybe it is because I was still full. Or maybe I was expecting a crispy skin goose and had ordered the wrong one. I don’t know. The meat is very tender and melt in the mouth. But other than that, I can’t say I would queue up to eat it. They have a website and if you order online, or rather wish to reserve, you have to give one week’s notice.


Beats me why the place is so famous. Maybe because they have a lot of expensive and exotic abalone, sea cucumber, sharksfins and etc which are way beyond my budget but probably normal priced to rich Hongkies.


By the time we finished our meals, swarms of people, mostly families were pouring in. So, I can count myself lucky that I had eaten at Yung Kee. Well, to find out more, go Google yourself. I am not promoting for them. I believe there are plenty of better roasted geese minus the hypes around Hongkong.

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  1. I would say that Yung Kee is pretty over rated. You can get excellent duck ad various thousand year old egg things at a lot of places even around the corner. HK people are very image conscious so a lot of it is being “seen” at Yung Kee. Same goes for Disney land don’t do it!!! Especially for 2 daya it’s not what you are expecting!!! Goto Ocean Park instead it’s magnitudes more fun and they have a panda there, and it’s closer to the action and food. No ones wants to goto HK and eat Disneyland food that is overpriced and geared towards ripping mainlanders off. Have fun!

  2. Yung Kee is very expensive, we could not afford it when we were there last year. You should try their duck liver wax sausage, it is nice but also expensive.

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