I have always associated kor-iut or what we traditionally call the medicated plaster with old age. But it seems that this has now been modernised with Tiger Balm plasters.

Tiger Balm Plaster comes in two versions. The Warm effect or the Cool effect, whichever we prefer. The packing is bright and it looks way cool like one of those surgical plaster. So having a Tiger Balm plaster on us is not as embarrassing as it doesn’t say ‘grandma/grandpa having old aches’.

The other day my son was complaining about muscle aches after kneading too much dough. He was asking if there is any relief to the aches as it is high season at work and he needs to knead more the next day. Now we call him the pizza boy because he is in charge of making pizzas.

Unlike conventional plaster, the hydrogel plaster is stretchable and comfortable. The material can stretch and even when applied to knees or elbows, it remains firmly in place. This is the additional adhesive sheet which holds the Tiger Balm hydrogel plaster in place. Do leave the two sides protective tape intact until you want to apply on yourself.

Initially, I suggest the cream but he finds no lasting relief in them. So, we went to our pharmacy next door and the pharmacist suggested Tiger Balm Plasters.

However, none of us knew that Tiger Balm now produces Warm and Cool Tiger Balm Plasters. I was wondering what were those. I did a bit of Googling and found out that they even have it in UK. So, we grabbed both Warm and Cool to try out.

We applied the Tiger Balm hydrogel plaster on the body. It is a cooling gel patch without all the mess of sticky plaster or gooey glob of ointment.

Upon reaching home, my son applied the Warm one on his back. The plaster is like those surgical plaster and doesn’t have any sticky, gooey feelings. It provides warm relief for my son’s ache. Surprisingly, the plaster stays firm in place with the additional adhesive though it was stretched.It doesn’t come loose easily.

After the hydrogel patch is put on the body, we apply the adhesive, stretchable part on it to secure the hydrogel in place.

Having tested the Warm version, he tried the Cool one the next day and find it equally comforting as well. Now, my hubby is also into using Tiger Balm Plasters Cool after his badminton. He likes the hydrogel plaster and the additional adhesive which keeps the plaster in place on his calves and knees.

You can get these plasters from your neighbourhood pharmacies or major pharmacies like Guardian or Watson. It is really value for money.