Tiger Balm to the rescue for the pre-Christmas aches

Sometimes we bring stresses upon ourselves. I haven’t been blogging for a while because work has taken up so much of my time. It is not only mentally tiring, most times it involves physical work. I have to run, stretch and carry heavy stuffs.

If that’s not enough, I am preparing for Christmas. It is going to be one big party of maybe 80 to 100 people. We can get things catered but no…..my sons are chefs so we must have fun cooking them. That means, lots of planning, shopping and decorating.

I woke up one morning with lower backache. Having worked on Saturday and Sundays, standing for hours at a stretch, I guess my body has enough of the physical torture. So, there I was, having discomforts of backache and yet, have tonnes of things to complete because I have promised to take the day off to shop for Christmas turkey and other food stuffs.

What do I do? My son reminded me about the Tiger Balm Plaster he tried. Both of us have applied for annual leave to do the shopping so I have little choice left. I am not keen to take any painkillers so I bought a packet of Tiger Balm Warm plaster.

Surprisingly, it is so easy to apply eventhough I was doing it myself. I reach to my back, put on the hydrogel plaster. It is not sticky or slimy and stays easily to my skin. Using a mirror, I put on the stretchable adhesive.

I went out for shopping because I immediately feel the gentle comfort of the warm medicated hydrogel spreading on my lower back which was aching. It doesn’t feel too hot either like those old fashion plaster which sort of burn our skin.

Amazingly, the additional adhesive has kept the hydrogel in place and it doesn’t leave any gooey patch when I removed them. According to the lable, the plaster is great for the joints of our limbs like knee caps, elbows and other parts of the body.

I kept the plaster for a day and glad that it helps me overcome the discomforts and gave me a fulfilling day shopping and running other errands. Now I am ready for Christmas as most of the frozen food items are bought and safely stored in my freezer.

Do try the Tiger Balm Plaster the next time you overstretch yourself or have some rheumatism aches. You can get them from your nearest pharmacies. I got mine from Guardian and I saw these plasters at Watson too.