Lilian’s in Lily’s Kitchen

I have made it through a week’s of ‘almost-vegetarian’ meals. I said almost because if there are tiny shrimps hidden in mee hoon or sardine in curry puffs or fish in laksa soup, then, I ‘may forgetfully’ ate them.

You see, I am not obliged nor restricted by religion. I took up the vege meals because I think I can make it for 40 days. I tell you, it is not easy. So, I gave myself the leeway to ‘eat all you want’ on Sundays.


Vietnamese vegetarian rolls. Hardcore vege with Thai basil. It actually tastes good when dipped in the sweet and sour sauce.


I heard about Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen but only ventured there today. It is a nice, spacious, airy, airconditioned fast foods restaurant. None of those packed economy rice vegetarian kopitiams or those super expensive vegetarian restaurants. They have a wide variety of dishes and the prices are reasonable with big portion.

My eldest son is joining me in this adventure of no meat, no seafood diet. So, it is not so lonely going green.


He had the vegetarian bee thai bak or lou shu fun. I am surprised the soup is rather flavourful, with mushrooms and seaweed, I think.

ang chaw mee sua

Meanwhile, I ordered the ang chow mee sua. And it tastes good. In fact, better than the real one which I had in Penang. Over here, not many people sells ang chow mee sua. Ang chow is some red rice fermented or something like that.

I saw other patrons having western foods and also indian foods. When I walked into Lily’s Kitchen, a waft of ‘real chicken’ rice fragrance greets me. So, that’s quite comforting for someone missing meats.

Another shot of the hardcore green vege Vietnamese spring rolls.

The other thing that I notice a lot of people order is the lotus rice. It looks good and I shall return to try it out next time.

You can access Lily’s Kitchen from Jalan Macalister because it is on Madras Lane which is a one-way street.

Address : 98, Ground Floor, Noble House, Madras Lane, Penang

They are open 9 am to 9 pm and close on Monday and all 1st and 15th of the lunar month.

One week done, one more month to go until April 22nd (which is Good Friday).

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  1. i wish that i can eat vege diet for that long…my hubby & kids will pengsan. it is really good for health

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