Delicious Cafe, Straits Quay Penang

I have written two bad reviews of Bella Marino and Charlie Brown cafes in Straits Quay. So, I was a little apprehensive of going to another cafe again because I do not look forward to rant about bad foods again. I had been to Delicious Cafe in KL and am glad when I heard it is coming to Penang.

However, I never find time to drop by until today. I was there for lunch with my two sons. The place is rather crowded and I have only an hour of lunch. So, stress is maximum as I have an appointment at 2 pm and I have to finish before that.

In this circumstances, I am extra edgy, demanding and critical. However, Delicious Cafe pleased me and phew…there is no bad review this time.

Service was prompt, pleasant and efficient. They offered water which many food outlets are charging. For example, Secret Recipe charges plain water which I think is cut-throat. After all, how is one going to swallow a slice of cake without some water to wash it down?


I ordered the duck confit spaghettini while my little boy ordered the Mac & Cheese from the kid’s menu. My eldest son had the beef waghyu pie.

My boy who is a big eater cannot finish the mac & cheese because it is really creamy. One doesn’t find good ole mac & cheese like Delicious anymore because many outlets tend to scrimp on the cheese and cream to make a decent mac & cheese. If you are a small eater, do try it. It comes with a tiny bowl of cucumber and carrot sticks too.


I have no complaint about my pasta because I love duck. I like the simplicity and the flavourful sun dried tomatoes. They are generous with the sun dried tomatoes unlike other outlets which put what looks like tomatoes skin only.


As for the pie, I think a reduction of the pickled shallots or whatever that is will be good as the flavour is too strong and sort of kills the beef natural gamey taste. My eldest son picked out all the carrots and I think there are way too many carrots in there too. The menu is Beef and Mushroom pies but I do not see many mushrooms in there, which is a pity as the mushroom will go well with beef.


Now the desserts…


My eyes were attracted to the Red Velvet Cake simply because it is red. Taste wise, I do not have much to say as I have never eaten a red velvet cake before. It is rather dry and doesn’t have much flavours, except for the creamy cheese on top.


As for the cupcakes, it looks pretty and is buttery. There are plenty of cakes at the counter and I will try them another time. Is there any recommended cake from Delicious Cafe?

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  1. i tink im one of the orang teruks who still hvnt stepped in nor see the signage of that wonderful place. [when tons of ppl keep telling me about it]. i heard the cake with ‘coconut’ is a favourite. you might wanna try. =)

  2. The coconut cake wins. It’s light and fluffy…the others are just too densely sweet. The other desserts are good the first bite but it’s so rich that by the third bite, you’ll regret ordering dessert. The peach frangipani is a close favorite.
    Then again, taste is subjective.

  3. hahaha the Red was still a good choice. Next time u got to shift ur focus to the coconut thingy..

  4. I went there yesterday. Food, no complaint but the service was sucks. Terrible and worst. I am very dissapointed and I left behind a comment. The moment I step into the cafe, no greeting and smile. They make me waited for more than 5 minutes. Pay so much and got bad service!!!

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