Labu dan Pucuk Manis Masak Lemak

Recipe : 200-300 grams of pumpkin (labu) Pucuk Manis – 100 grams Lemongrass (serai), red chillies/green chillies (cabai merah/hijau), chopped garlic (bawang putih), chopped onion (bawang merah) Tumeric leave (daun kunyit) – slice finely (hiris) Tumeric roots (kunyit) – chopped (cincang) or substitute with tumeric powder (kalau tiada kunyit, boleh guna serbuk kunyit satu sudu […]

Discover Penang and fall in love

The sunset on Oct 1 was so breathtakingly beautiful I have to dedicate just a blog post to wax lyrical how beautiful Penang is. In these past years, many heritage buildings have been restored and turned into chic restaurants, boutique hotels and art galleries. When the gleaming, golden sun rays cast upon these old buildings, […]


  RECIPE FOR SAMBAL UDANG KERING (DRIED PRAWNS) 300gm dried shrimps 6 red medium sized onions cili boh/chili paste (quantity according to taste, maybe 3tblspoon) 3 stalks serai/lemongrass 1 big piece fresh kunyit/tumeric (if substitute with powder, about 1 tblspoon) Daun limau purut/kaffir lime leaves– slice finely (this is a must) Daun kunyit/tumeric leaves – […]

“Around the World” Buffet dinner at Golden Sands

Golden Sands Resorts being a family and kids friendly hotel is definitely a good place to bring your family for special treats and celebrations. The short drive to scenic Batu Feringghi not only is a feast for the eyes with blue seas and green hills, the foods available at Golden Sands’s Garden Cafe daily is […]

Turkey for Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and the turkey is all ready for the oven. Well, not really. I am only roasting it on Christmas Day. But I shall share some pics I took while seasoning the bird. The red dot is the timer. Hmmm…fire80, someone who commented : still… upside down how to see the thing […]