Brandy pineapple fruit cake

I am going to re-post this fruitcake recipe because I love to eat this fruitcake but only bake it once a year. And every year, I forget where I store it and can’t find the recipe. So, here goes my never fail pineapple fruit cake moistened with lots and lots of brandy. RECIPE Pineapple Fruit […]

Recipes for Chinese New Year cookies

My son came into my room, asking me if I have any good recipes for cookies. Well, I told him, go Google it. Your ma’s recipes are all online. Just google malaysiabest cookies recipes and you will find them. So, here are some of the recipes which I have tried and tested. Melting moments – […]

Steamboat before Chinese New Year

I love steamboat. But my whole family don’t. So, they hate going to steamboat restaurants. One will say the steamboat smell cling to the shirt. One will question why they need to cook their own foods. And the husband will asked, “Why don’t they just cook noodle soup with all the ingredients in one bowl?” […]