Turkey for Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and the turkey is all ready for the oven. Well, not really. I am only roasting it on Christmas Day. But I shall share some pics I took while seasoning the bird. The red dot is the timer. Hmmm…fire80, someone who commented : still… upside down how to see the thing […]

How to roast chicken, turkey or leg of lamb

Many people feel intimidated with the thought of roasting and struggling with a large turkey, leg of lamb or a huge chicken. The thought of burning or under-cooking the poultry or meat is definitely very worrying for those who have not attempted roasting before. However, there is always a first time. Start with a smaller […]

Enjoy your Christmas!

Unlike previous years, this year Christmas is on a very low key affair where foods are concerned. I had my lasik eye surgery today at Optimax Penang. I dare not plan anything as I wasn’t sure if I will be able to handle all the cooking and etc. However, the intra-lasik I had was very […]

A Christmas without the Christmas stuffs

This year will be the most modest Christmas since the day I converted to Christianity. My initial plans of the whole Christmas turkey, roast leg of lamb, alcoholic cocktails and other fancy foods are now canned. I caught some flu bug while in Langkawi. Last Friday, I was down with fever. On Sunday, I thought […]