How to roast chicken, turkey or leg of lamb

Many people feel intimidated with the thought of roasting and struggling with a large turkey, leg of lamb or a huge chicken. The thought of burning or under-cooking the poultry or meat is definitely very worrying for those who have not attempted roasting before. However, there is always a first time. Start with a smaller […]

The foods on my table

Durian season is here and our family traditional way of enjoying these king of fruits is to eat them with hot white rice, granulated sugar and a splash of fresh coconut milk. Hubby said the durians are not that expensive this year. He bought several brands like Khun Poh, Hor lor, lipan and cheh-kark (green […]

Healthy, quick tea time snack – Pearl Corn

My children love corn but pearl corn is not easily found at stalls. Pearl Corn is different from the normal corn because it is so sweet, have bigger kernels and can be eaten fresh. It is call pearl corn because of the white kernels. Nowadays, most wet markets sell fresh pearl corn which comes from […]