Fun with my iPhone and

I don’t like photos that are heavily touched up. But sometimes I have to admit that it is fun when it is done with just one click like It is some Apps I use on my iPhone. So, at least it makes my breakfast less lonely. Sometimes when I drop my third son at […]

Penang Toys Museum

If you have never been there, don’t bother. The outside of the building looks like a haunted house. The inside is full of dust. There are sections which will freak your child more than a ghost house. The floor is so creaky because it was formerly a dance floor. Poor maintenance, no useful information about […]

Happy Dong Zhi to all

Today is the eve of Dong Zhi. Families will gather around to roll the colourful rice balls to mark winter solstice. I am lucky I had been rolling tang yuens as young as 5-6 years old and though it has been almost four decades, I still recall the fastidious nyonya grandma who lived next to […]

Roti Canai Jalan Argyll

Argyll Road (pronounced ar-gul) roti canai used to be a broken hut under a huge tree. They must have shifted to this restaurant for a while but I didn’t notice that until recently. When it was in the hut, I used to patronise the shop because I love the curries. However, my hubby kept complaining […]

I got a new camera and I love, love, love it so much!

Food blogging has taken a back seat when my point and shoot camera KO a year ago. I cannot possibly bring the DSLR camera out with me on every outing because it is just too bulky and it also looks weird to sit a char koay teow stall with a big, black camera hanging from […]