“Around the World” Buffet dinner at Golden Sands

Golden Sands Resorts being a family and kids friendly hotel is definitely a good place to bring your family for special treats and celebrations. The short drive to scenic Batu Feringghi not only is a feast for the eyes with blue seas and green hills, the foods available at Golden Sands’s Garden Cafe daily is […]

Uncle Chow Kopitiam – Cameron Highlands

I find Cameron Highlands awfully chilly during my last trip. It is a wonderful feeling to be up there in the highlands, breathing out ‘smoke’ as my little boy called it. We were feeling a little peckish mid morning and went hunting for Uncle Chow Kopitiam. We have seen the sign several times but haven’t […]

The lure of Pangkor and its seafood

Being an islander, it is hard to impress me. I like islands in Thailand because they are rustic. However, there isn’t much to see here because Langkawi is basically booze and chocolates. Perhentian and Redang getting too expensive to pay for the kampung feel. Tioman is too far away for Penangites. So, there is only […]

Delicious Cafe, Straits Quay Penang

I have written two bad reviews of Bella Marino and Charlie Brown cafes in Straits Quay. So, I was a little apprehensive of going to another cafe again because I do not look forward to rant about bad foods again. I had been to Delicious Cafe in KL and am glad when I heard it […]

The much talkabout Bebek Bengil from Ubud Bali

When I was in Bali, there were two things that I must eat. One is the Babi Guling Ibu Oka which I found to be so-so only. The other one is the Bebek Bengil which is also found in Ubud Bali. Like most foods in Bali, this is not halal too. In fact, I think […]