Kopi what? Kopitan. Kopi tiam? Kopitan!

The name Kopitan makes me rubbed my eyes because I thought I read wrongly. I thought it is Kopitiam. But no, the place is call Kopitan. Maybe a mish-mash of Kapitan Kopitiam? Seriously, I am beginning to get tired of all the kopikats of Old Town kopitiam. But surprising, Kopitan located at Logan Heritage, the […]

Lilian’s in Lily’s Kitchen

I have made it through a week’s of ‘almost-vegetarian’ meals. I said almost because if there are tiny shrimps hidden in mee hoon or sardine in curry puffs or fish in laksa soup, then, I ‘may forgetfully’ ate them. You see, I am not obliged nor restricted by religion. I took up the vege meals […]

Bella Marino at Straits Quay

Ouch! I don’t always ‘give constructive opinions’ to restaurants because bad reviews may cause them great embarrassment. But Bella Marino at Straits Quay better take this positively and hope they improve because Penang really lacks good Italian restaurants. Let’s start with dessert. The tiramisu is a rip off. Ours is part of the dinner set […]

Tangkak beef balls noodle in Melaka

It is very hard to please Penangites like me. Hate us but we have ‘higher standards’ when come to food taste. Or maybe we are very faithful to our little island, we always have that little biasness when it comes to other states’ foods. So, I heard people raving about Tangkak beef noodles. They told […]