Wet market in Hatyai

I love wet market. Whether it is the wet market in my neighbourhood or the chic wet market in Paris or the really, really wet and smelly wet market in Hatyai. Usually, if I travel to other countries or even other states in Malaysia, I will find some excuses to go to the wet markets. […]

Kembang Semangkuk – What can I serve with?

A lot of stores no longer like to serve kembang semangkuk in their drinks or in ice-kacang. People are getting modern and they simply don’t have time for these traditional food which not only taste unique, it is cheap and original. Many stalls selling drinks now opt for chemical produced, fake flavoured drinks with weird […]

Which shop sells this ‘glass paper’ for steaming?

Last week, I went to several shops to enquire if they sell this ‘glass paper’ or transparent high density PE paper which is safe for cooking. I was in the Georgetown area and there are old, Chinese traditional grocery shops, old baking supplies shop and old Chinese crockery and cooking untensils shops. I figure they […]

Premium XO sauce without ham – taste, use and photo

My eldest son, the chef-wannabe tried the sauce from he bottle and he told me, “Chey…just like the dried shrimps in oil that you bought.” *kicks self* I spent RM18.88 to learn that.

Oh ya, avoid ordering any dish with XO sauce because it is going to cost you a lot since the sauce alone is so expensive.