Recipe : Fish & chips, beer batter style

My second son who has just gotten his SPM results is sitting at home, rotting away. He is going to take up a diploma in professional chef as well. He has wanted to try out beer batter. And so do I, after watching Jamie Oliver’s series Oliver’s Twist. There was one show where Jamie showed […]

The bread my son baked

The regular daily bread has increased it’s price again. And soon, other things will follow as well. I am not sure why they have to increase because sugar is not like the main ingredient in making bread. So, if you are fond of bread, hates all those additives these mass production breads contain and love […]

Kebab it for convenience

My eldest son had a small barbeque for his friends. One of the items he prepared was the beef tenderloin made into kebabs. He bought a kilogramme of Australian tenderloin for RM55. In total, I think there are one and half kilogrammes of tenderloin. He cubed the tenderloin into 1/2 inch cubes and season the […]

Malay cuisine and KDU foods

Last Wednesday was the last week where the second year Professional Chef students serve at their college restaurant. As usual, I picked up the unsold tickets and ate there. Let me embed the photos from the previous two weeks, which include Modern Chinese, Nyonya and Malay cuisines. I was terribly hungry and tired by the […]

Modern Chinese Cuisine

This post is long overdue. My son is in his second year Diploma in Professional Chef. Currently, a lot of young men are into culinary arts, cooking, hospitality and chefs stuffs. Must be the influence of the glamour of the angmohs chefs show. Do you know that the professional chef course is more expensive than […]