Penang Road Teochew Cendol

I hate crowds. I hate fighting and jostling with the crowd for foods. It makes me feel like I am a refugee in a war torn country grabbing food rations. And if I have to pay for that, it makes me even more turned off. During Christmas, there were this huge group of people at […]

Food related but foods for the poor

I know, I know…I am not posting here much. But I am not starving myself either because I do go out and eat, cook and etc. Just that I am too lazy to take pictures because I hate the quality of my photos using the Fuji Finepix. It is not up to my ‘standard’ so […]

Prontip Thai food restaurant (non-halal)

I have heard and read so much about Prontip which is a Thai foods restaurant located next to a dogs grooming place. My fussy husband plays badminton there and he complained about the smell of the doggies there. So, he refused to bring us to have lunch there eventhough I ‘teh’ for a long time […]

In a little old coffeeshop in Penang…

I think many people can remember the good times they spent with their fathers when they were young. One of the things I have often read is how they went out alone with their fathers to have breakfast. I do not have any such memories because my father died when I was very young. Moreover, […]