RECIPE FOR SAMBAL UDANG KERING (DRIED PRAWNS) 300gm dried shrimps 6 red medium sized onions cili boh/chili paste (quantity according to taste, maybe 3tblspoon) 3 stalks serai/lemongrass 1 big piece fresh kunyit/tumeric (if substitute with powder, about 1 tblspoon) Daun limau purut/kaffir lime leaves– slice finely (this is a must) Daun kunyit/tumeric leaves – […]

Recipe : Beef tendon stew (sup urat lembu)

Beef tendon is that piece of gelatinous, transparent, soft yet chewy morsel that you either love to bits or shun it. In Cantonese it is call ngau kan and is used to make ngau lam meen. However, I do not like the beef tendon noodles served by Taiwanese or Hongkie restaurants because they use too […]

Recipe : Curry puff in a jiffy

I have always wanted to make curry puff because I love it so much. However, the thought of messing with the dough for the skin and the heat of deep frying them turned me off. So, this is the first time I attempted making curry puffs, using shortcuts. I use the frozen puff pastry from […]

Recipe : Hainanese Gulai Tumis

I know a lot of Hainanese restaurants serve this Gulai Tumis so I shall claim this as a Hainanese dish. In case you are not aware, Hainaneses are Chinese from the Hainan island in China. Hainan is near to the equator and hence, their cooking differs from the Chinese from the northern part of China […]