Recipe : Creamy seafood pasta

Cooking a plate of ‘premium taste’ pasta at home is actually very easy and much cheaper. Moreover, not many restaurants can get their pasta right because they either cut cost by using cheap ingredients or some are halal joints and didn’t use white wine which give the pasta the ‘luxurious flavour’. Good pasta does not […]

Making pesto is so easy

My hubby has always like pesto sauce with his pasta. However, I hate the ‘green’ smell of some of these pesto sauces which we either buy in bottles or eat at restaurants. The sight of a green mushy sauce is already a turn off for me. So, I never really pay attention to making my […]

Resipi untuk sahur – Sup kentang berkrim

Ini dia resipi sup kentang yang saya masak masa di pertandingan ICC. Masa pertandingan, kami tak tahu apa yang kami kena masak. Bahan yang diberikan terhad. Jadi kami semua terpaksa reka menu masa tu jugak. Bahan-bahan untuk sup kentang : Kentang – 2 biji, buang kulit, potong kuib Daun saderi – 3 batang (american celery […]

Cha la la aka kuaci of the sea

Cha lala sounds a song. But it is actually stir fried clams. There are many types of shells found in the sea and on the beach. One common one is siput remis or what we Hokkien referred as siput. Then, there is the triangle, grayish with orangey design type which they usually use to make […]

The 1Malaysian soup – Beef and radish soup

You know something? Chinese, Indian and Malay tastebuds are different. It takes someone adventurous to embrace all the flavours and enjoys them. For example, most Chinese may grimaced when we mentioned about eating lamb or beef. They will say it smells. Meanwhile, Malays and Indians may find Chinese foods too bland. So, what about the […]