Recipe : Creamy seafood pasta

Cooking a plate of ‘premium taste’ pasta at home is actually very easy and much cheaper. Moreover, not many restaurants can get their pasta right because they either cut cost by using cheap ingredients or some are halal joints and didn’t use white wine which give the pasta the ‘luxurious flavour’. Good pasta does not […]

Making pesto is so easy

My hubby has always like pesto sauce with his pasta. However, I hate the ‘green’ smell of some of these pesto sauces which we either buy in bottles or eat at restaurants. The sight of a green mushy sauce is already a turn off for me. So, I never really pay attention to making my […]

Recipe : Baked macaroni cheese with meatballs

If you have watched enough Jamie Oliver’s shows, cooking Western dishes become really easy. Recently, there is a new Jamie Oliver’s show on Discovery Travel and Living channel call Oliver’s Twist. He teaches Americans cooking British. There was one which he slapped a freshly deep fried fish in beer batter on a newspaper and I […]

One advice : Never attempt gnocchi unless you know your potato LOL

So, I thought I can cook almost anything. Today, I flipped through Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, Cook with Jamie Oliver and found a recipe for gnocchi.  I have read about making gnocchi but never bother to give it a second look.  However, Jamie Oliver makes it look so easy to make gnocchi. I even bought a […]