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My stressed out pasta with corn beef and cream

But the kids were already screaming…”Ma….we are hungryyyyy….we are starving to death…..How long are you going to take?” I just shoved the whole casserole to them and no one notices that the dish is supposed to be a pasta bake. They gobbled everything, so who cares if I missed a step?

That’s why it is call my stressed out pasta. I am totally stressed out!

Al dente spaghetti

It is easy and yet so hard to get our pasta to be just al dente and not mushy or half cook. So, how do one get a perfect pasta? Read this and find out.

Mommy, why you no cook Jamie Oliver?

That’s what my little toddler asked. “Mommy, why you no cook Jamie Oliver?” He found my Jamie Oliver’s books lying around and noticed that he doesn’t get to help me take the eggs out of the fridge, bring the sugar and stuffs. Normally, if I am baking or preparing something that doesn’t need hot oil…

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