Tangkak beef balls noodle in Melaka

It is very hard to please Penangites like me. Hate us but we have ‘higher standards’ when come to food taste. Or maybe we are very faithful to our little island, we always have that little biasness when it comes to other states’ foods. So, I heard people raving about Tangkak beef noodles. They told […]

Melaka Darul Mamee

I went to Singapore the other day and thought it will be good to stop in Melaka for a night. Our last trip to Melaka was several years ago, i.e. to attend my niece’s wedding at Hotel Puri. If I remember correctly, Melaka and Penang haven’t obtain the Unesco Heritage Site then. So, with much […]

Food pics from Melaka

I have been awfully slow in updating this blog because I am on vegetarian diet since last week and it will last for 40 days. So, there is really nothing special to feature currently. So, let’s go back to Melaka where I went to the Portugese Settlement and see what they offer there. The horseshoe […]

Portugese Settlement, Melaka – Seafood/scallop

My hubby’s brother brought us to this place. Before that, I have heard of several people recommending the place. Well, it is not easy to find it ‘cos I remember going through some small roads before we reach there. So, if you plan to go, do get your map and direction first ‘cos I am […]

I went to Melaka and all I ate was..

Oh well, so much for culinary experience and adventure in Melaka. I was sick and lost my sense of smell and taste buds. Plus with a giddy head, I wasn’t in the mood to explore anywhere. Moreover, all the meals are almost taken care off by the relatives so I didn’t even have a chance […]