I met KGC, my blog reader at Tesco. She commented that I hardly post on this blog. Well, I had been very lazy to make foods post because I have shared almost every recipe that I like to cook. As for eating places, I have been eating at almost the same places so there is […]

Introducing ‘new vege’

When playing mahjong, we usually urge the other players to ‘give new vege’ which means throw some other flowers other than the old ones that are laid on the mahjong table. However this new vegetable is not mahjong related but something I found in the market not too long ago. Everyone is familiar with the […]

Cooking Indian on a cold, rainy day

It has rained for a long time today and the weather is so cold. So, I need something hot and warm for dinner. Going out is not an option because no one is keen to go out in the rain, hunting for foods. So, I cooked this stir fried cauliflower, Indian style. Spices are so […]

Jantung pisang – Edible banana flower

Do you know that not only the prices increase but the local supermarkets and hypermarket has no stock of the cheaper rice? Meanwhile, they slaughter us who buy the Thai fragrant rice. It costs RM42 for 10kg now when previously, it was only RM25 when there is a sale.

So, we must go back to our kampungs, tanam pisang, tanam jagung, tanam ubi kayu to avoid starvation already. Damn, I am getting political on my food blog again. LOL.