Exactly how healthy are vegetables?

I was rummaging through some old photos I took in Cameron Highland last year. They have a lot of these farms where they plant vegetables in these tiny little plastic bags. Now, vegetables aren’t supposed to grow this way, as far as I am concerned. They are supposed to thrive in the soil from the […]

Know your vegetables (photos of common vegetables)

Spring onion. Daun bawang. Hokkien calls it ‘chang’. It is a plant grown from onion, obviously. 😛 In normal cooking, I usually do not like to use it. Be careful if you sprinkle spring onion on your foods because if the vegetables are moist, it will cause foods to go bad very fast as water/bacterias […]

Dragon beard veggie from Cameron Highlands

Many years back, I was introduced to the dragon beard veggie or in Mandarin, Long sou chye or long sou choy in Cantonese. It is a creeper plants growing in the wild and they have these tendrils that look really curly and cute. According to the guy who introduced us to dragon beard, the locals […]

Burdock root – Gobo

Curiousity got the better of me, once again. So, I bought something that I have never seen, do not know how to cook and have no idea how it tastes. Buy I must. Cook I did. The label from Tesco said it is cobo. Spelt with a c. I asked in my other food blog […]