Video : Apong Guan

I am now into video filming. It is a learning process for me and my coursemates from the citizen journalism course. There are four of us who own the same brand of video cameras and when we meet, we will put up the tripods and camera and sit down. There is a remote control so […]

Video : Indian snacks

I mentioned about this stall selling Indian snacks in Penang. I returned to the stall again and this time, I took a video of the man frying samosas. He enjoys very good business and I had to wait for him to prepare a new batch of samosa for frying. Too bad I took the video […]

Abused cows video and beef recall issue

I have seen these very sad video about abused cows. I must warn you that some of the videos are very gory and very, very inhumane. I am going to put only one taken from a news channel. The poor cow’s legs were broken but were made to walk. Those that are too sick to […]

Video : Winter solstice Dec 22nd, Tang Yuen rolling

I took this video two years ago, if I am not mistaken. Although I am a Catholic Christian, I still embrace the Winter Solstice festival or tang yuen festival. I had rolled tang yuen or these tiny rice balls since as long as I can remember. My mother never failed to do that since I […]