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Cosy nyonya kueh place

My photos and my choice of food will not do justice to the huge array of delicious, yummy kuehs and mouthwatering dishes. However, I like the place so I am recommending a visit.

Since I am still on diet, I opted for only Vietnamese pohpiah and a bowl of pumpkin barley. I see other customers having beautiful plates of kueh, tomyum bihun, curry chicken and mi-koo and the dishes look good.

Li Er is along the same row of famous Pulau Tikus char koay teow opposite the police station. For parking you can try Jalan Pasar or the roads near Tan Mark Bookstore. Look out for the Nyonya Kueh sign as it can be a bit hard to spot. Note the opening hours too. They close at 430pm.

While tucking in the Nyonya dishes, guzheng music is playing in the background to lull you. I was just grabbing a very, very late lunch and did not stop to relax in the cosy ambience.

Lilian Hi-5 self for not succumbing to temptations of eating the nasi lemak, nyonya kueh and bihun. I will be back!

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Laksa Lemak delivered to your office/home.

This Tuesday and Thursday, my FB Fren Brian Ong is cooking his grandma's secret recipe of nyonya laksa lemak. I tried it and personally recommend it. Brian brought a pot for a potluck gathering recently and it was the main attraction with its steaming pot of soup and refreshing herbs of Thai Basil, bunga kantan and mint together with lots of vegetables.

He is a fulltime personal training coach and part time cooking this laksa on certain days only. So, if you want to try, faster message him cos limited quantity only. He can deliver to certain places with minimum order. Ask him ya, cos I am not really a fan of laksa. I only eat laksa when I am on diet and that too is laksa without noodles.

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What to do with cheap tomatoes and eggs?

Found some lovely ripe tomatoes selling for RM2.99/kg. Not a fan of tomatoes but they look so juicy and plump so I bought some and have to Google what to cook.

Found a recipe for Shashuka. I never follow the step by step of recipes as I nornally gleaned thorough and thats it. I am cooking that.

My tomato base:

4 large ripe tomatoes
1 onion
Half bulb garlic
Some capsicum (that too because I have plenty because they were half price at Tesco)

Heat a bit of olive oil and brown chopped onion and garlic. Add in diced tomatoes and capsicum. Stir and leave to simmer ti soften into mushy paste.

Add spices like cummins, fennel, coriander, cayenne, paprika. Or if you have none, some curry powder which would have these spices. Flavour with slt and sugar to taste.

Leave the paste to simmer till quite dry. Knock as many eggs as you want. I used 5 for 5 of us. Cover and let the eggs cook somewhat. Some recipes call for baking in oven. I am too lazy to fire up the oven.

Once eggs are half cooked, bring the whole pan to the table and serve. My hubby and kids added cheese and eat with bread. Love the messy runny goey egg and tomatoes.

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Been passing here a lot and always thought its some old old place and never thought of trying it. However, few friends shared that the foods are not bad.

Well, the foods are good and price is reasonable. Surprising, the interior is cosy. A set is about RM45 with thick slices of sashimi.

Definitely a come-back joint. What I like is the Non fishy smell that I fear from many Japanese restaurants.

This is at Jalan Hutton side, near New World Park car park entrance. Try it.

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