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Steamboat without soup.

Yesterday, I had a miscommunication with my son. I ended up alone having steamboat and grill at Seoul Garden.

The price is RM25 nett. I am not sure I heard wrongly or what as I got no voice so cannot argue too much. I was told to pay RM4.60 for the soup. In the end, I still had a nice lunch, albeit forcing down everything within 45 minutes.

The price is RM29.60 with GST. The things available are the same so they did not reduce quality and quantity. Over here where I work, there aren't many places to eat so ok lah...once in a while.

Lots of shellfish, salmon bellies, the usual chicken and beef. The pics I took are lousy because I was juggling going to take my raw meats, throwing them onto the grill, another round to pick up my dessert, turn over the meats on the grill, boil some shellfish bla bla bla...

It saves me time to eat alone cos I have the whole grill to myself instead of sharing with 3 other person as in the regular seating if you go in group.

Seoul Garden also have school children special price at RM22 nett. However, the catch is it starts only at 2 pm to 4 pm. Lucky my son did not join me as I had to leave at 1.50 pm. Otherwise my kid is not going to steamboat alone.

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Truly old taste chuchar

Almost all the shops we wanted to go are either full till need line up or no parking even after a few streets away.

So we ended up here in an old kopitiam which you feel like 1970s. We ordered some spring onion mantis prawns, Guinness Stout chicken and a sharks fin tofu where no sharks was sacrificed cos its look and taste the same but arent.

I love the rice served in metal plate and the traditional flavours of the foof which are packed in wok-hei or something like the breath of a fiery wok.

Available at night, next to Nasi Kandar Imigeresen near Quan Yin temple. No bright signboard, no pretty ladies with menu and no aircond. They do have menu for tourists though.

I was sweating after the hot tofu and feel like my energy after cycling around Penang island recharged.

Cost of the meal is less than RM60.

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Get your LinkBike card and a good meal here.

Friends have asked me how to get a Linkbike card and where to get it. Today I have a lunch meeting and have all the answers.

You can get your LinkBike yearly card from The Lights's Cafe. Location is at Esplanade between the yellow building which is the Town Hall and the white building which is the City Hall. The Light's Cafe is sharing the place with Tempat Bayaran Setempat which is also where you can pay your MBPP summonses.

As it was a lunch meeting, I only managed to sample the Prawn Alio Oglio which I would say pass my taste test as it is loaded with lots of garlic, right amount of herbs, pasta done right as in not too soggy nor too dry and I get four prawns.

As for the LinkBike card, the fee is RM30 for a year unlimited use, RM20 prepaid charges and RM100 refundable deposit with some GST. Having the card is really convenient so use the card rather than the daily usage as it is RM2 per day. As for the charges, it is RM1 per hour but free if usage is less than 30 minutes.

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Daily Dose of comfort foods.

You may find lots of complaints on Daily Dose Cafe Facebook about service being slow and owners not friendly enough. However, that does not deter me because the foods are not mass produced and hence, it takes a longer time. The purpose you go to a cafe and not a kopitiam is to chill and relax, right? What's the hurry then?

Today, I chilled at the cafe to do some work while waiting for my son. I enjoyed the Sarawak Kolo mee and the latte. I don't need super welcome because I just need a place to sit and eat. Makes me wonder why some people even complained the owners serve expats faster than him. Is there some self esteem issue of the customer? Certain dishes may take longer time.

My son has a delicious Sarawak pepper pork rice which looks good and tastes even better. He ordered a watermelon juice cos the owner reminded him natural juices are better than coke. Nice!

He also ordered some cheese sticks and our bill is only RM56. This meal is certainly nicer, tastier and filling than my RM99 lunch yesterday. Same latte, minus a cake and though we had lamb yesterday, our pork dishes are way better today.

Conclusion - The Daily Dose Cafe provides homely comfort foods as well as pasta. Coffee and craft beer are great too.

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Bloggers hype needs taste test.

I featured the original Black Kettle and love it. It was wholesome and foods were great. So I am a little disappointed with the new menu.

The lambshank is great. However, the Heh Bee or dried shrimps pasta is a little overwhelming even for someone with a fiery tongue.

We wanted French onion soup, sold out. How about Bread and Dip? Sold out. That sort of made me go Meh....

However, nice ambiance here for a cup of coffee and cake.

So the next time, I will take a pinch of salt with bloggers' reviews.

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