How to roast chicken, turkey or leg of lamb

Many people feel intimidated with the thought of roasting and struggling with a large turkey, leg of lamb or a huge chicken. The thought of burning or under-cooking the poultry or meat is definitely very worrying for those who have not attempted roasting before. However, there is always a first time. Start with a smaller […]

How to get roast chicken to cook thoroughly

A lot of people are turned off with the chore of roasting a whole chicken because most times, they find it so difficult to get the whole chicken to cook thoroughly. I think it is common to either undercook the chicken or over cooking it. Undercooking means we will get the horrifying blood oozing out […]

Three reasons why I love to roast chicken

I love to roast a whole chicken because of three reasons. One – I get to serve the chicken as a meal without the fuss of cooking other dishes. Two – I keep the gravy collected from the roasting and the chicken bones to make a very delicious soup. Three – The balance of the […]

Another easy roast chicken recipe

I bought a large chicken which was slaughtered ‘live’ at the wet market. I hate going to the wet market to buy chicken because the place stinks. Moreover, the chicken is usually more expensive than those ‘dressed chicken’ I get from supermarkets. However, the stinking trip and the additional cost is worth it because the […]

Dijon mustard roast chicken for Easter lunch or dinner

I have prepared a dish that I intend to cook for Easter lunch. Well, I won’t be free on Easter so I cooked it two days earlier, on Good Friday. 😛 The dijon mustard I bought is milder in taste than English mustard that I already have. It is also paler in colour and taste […]