The much talkabout Bebek Bengil from Ubud Bali

When I was in Bali, there were two things that I must eat. One is the Babi Guling Ibu Oka which I found to be so-so only. The other one is the Bebek Bengil which is also found in Ubud Bali. Like most foods in Bali, this is not halal too. In fact, I think […]

Healthy, quick tea time snack – Pearl Corn

My children love corn but pearl corn is not easily found at stalls. Pearl Corn is different from the normal corn because it is so sweet, have bigger kernels and can be eaten fresh. It is call pearl corn because of the white kernels. Nowadays, most wet markets sell fresh pearl corn which comes from […]

Kopi what? Kopitan. Kopi tiam? Kopitan!

The name Kopitan makes me rubbed my eyes because I thought I read wrongly. I thought it is Kopitiam. But no, the place is call Kopitan. Maybe a mish-mash of Kapitan Kopitiam? Seriously, I am beginning to get tired of all the kopikats of Old Town kopitiam. But surprising, Kopitan located at Logan Heritage, the […]

Fun with my iPhone and

I don’t like photos that are heavily touched up. But sometimes I have to admit that it is fun when it is done with just one click like It is some Apps I use on my iPhone. So, at least it makes my breakfast less lonely. Sometimes when I drop my third son at […]