Theme Tuesday – Japanese

I know today is Thursday. LOL but I don’t want to missed the series on Theme Tuesday so I am catching up. Today’s theme is Japanese. Lately, I can’t seem to tolerate meats and get awfully sick digesting them. So, I am into Japanese foods. Mild, easy to digest and tasty. Expensive though. A long […]

Crepe Cottage, Gurney Drive

We have been to this little cottage for several years already. Originally, the cooking was done by one single owner. So, it was kinda like a home-cooked food where you gotta wait for your mother to get food ready everything for you. However, they have improved the place and service is improved too, with serving […]


I have searched for a good waffle maker but have yet to find one which looks promising. Anyway, waffle is not something that you eat every day so I just settled for the waffles from A&W or those small stalls located at shopping malls. My children sometimes take a rest from our shopping trips by […]