Christmas menu – Day 1

Been running around so much today. First, I took the kids to the park, then I went off to get some groceries. Festive air hangs at the Cold Storage with so many expats shopping for foods. I bought one bottle of seafood sauce. But didn’t manage to take dinner ‘cos after getting back from the […]

Ding-dong! Have you thawed your turkey yet? Eggnog?

Let’s see…we have like five days to the Christmas feast.  You need at least two days to thaw the turkey in the lower compartment of the fridge and another two days to season it well.  So, it will be in good time to start taking that big bird out of the deep freezer and leave […]

Christmas Stollen

We used to receive Christmas Stollen imported from Germany as gifts. It was far too sweet for our liking and each year, we really do not know what to do with it. So, when Lawrence of Cooking Island asked me if I like stollen, I straight away told him, Oh no! I don’t like it. […]

Smoked salmon = How to serve?

**Please read the comment section for some fantastic suggestions on how to serve smoke salmon. I finally find time to rush to the frozen food supplier and get the stuffs I am going to prepare for Christmas. I have been sooooo busy lately, I don’t have time to post much on this blog. However, I […]