A very vegetarian meal

We had so many dishes and so much onions, my sons said we should be marching with Hindraf! Initially, they were complaining about the vegetables and onions but I convinced them we are eating unity meals. I think I can smell the spices and onions even after a night sleep.

Nasi lemak Sunday

I found that I have enough ingredients to make nasi lemak. So, in a flash, I whipped up our Sunday lunch as below : I fried the chicken with some spices, made egg belandah for the little ones, sambal sotong and shrimps for us and boiled some spinach with takua like palak paneer and hard […]

Lovely Malay buka puasa rice from Pasar Ramadhan

For the whole month of Ramadhan, we will be taking those juadah buka puasa from the Pasar Ramadhans around us. It is a very nice experience to buy these delicious traditional Malay dishes from all the sweet makciks who are so friendly. I only wish they sell them throughout the year because these simple foods […]