Theme Tuesday : Curry

I was just looking through my thousands of food photos on Flickr and notice how much variety of foods I have over there. Since I am a bit slow on blogging about foods these days (yay vegetarian fasting over by Sat. morning!), I shall make it Theme Tuesday. Every Tuesday, I will pick some old […]

Food photos from Secret Recipe

We were the only patrons at the restaurant and I happened to have my DSLR with me. So, here are some photos I took at Secret Recipe. No comment on the place because it has been featured so often, there is nothing new to say anymore. Curried pumpkin soup. Must go learn and prepare some […]

I went to Melaka and all I ate was..

Oh well, so much for culinary experience and adventure in Melaka. I was sick and lost my sense of smell and taste buds. Plus with a giddy head, I wasn’t in the mood to explore anywhere. Moreover, all the meals are almost taken care off by the relatives so I didn’t even have a chance […]

Recipe : Lamb Shanks with Western & spicy taste

*will add photos when Flickr is accessible* Lamb shanks are real easy to cook because you can never go wrong with it as the meats are already very flavourful. It is tough but with the right pots, it cooks within an hour. So, during Christmas, I got myself four lamb shanks. I had done lamb […]