An Ode to Nutmeg

Fresh nutmeg with the seed and mace – The nutmeg is now blended as fresh nutmeg juice. It is absolutely delicious but not every coffeeshop knows how to do that. You can get nutmeg juice from this bak kut teh place too. Pickled nutmeg (the lower whiter one, the top is pickled mango) Dried nutmeg […]

Red strawberries from Cameron Highlands

I have fun taking pics of these strawberries from Cameron Highlands and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I took them. I just bought a Nikon flashgun SB600 and now I have no problem taking micro photos with my Nikon micro lens 105mm f2.8. No more lens shadow, woo hoo! I hope everyone […]

Theme Tuesday : Yellow

Once again, I had caused Tuesday to fly by. But never mind, Thursday starts with a T too. This time I am going feature yellow and orangey fruits and vegetables. The above is the varieties of mangoes from Thailand. My dear hubby loves to style them like those served by the five-star hotel. All you […]

Random pics of rambutan and mangosteen

Weekend is here and it is best spent pigging out on these seasonal fruits. Many people tend to fall sick after taking too much of the mangosteen and rambutan (the hairy red one). It could be due to the sap but the Chinese said it is due to ‘heaty’. Sometimes, we will have four types […]