Durian names

A lot of people knows durian by their numbers whilst people in Penang often refers to them with cute names. So, D2, D24 and such aren’t that hot here. Here are some of the names that are often used in durian stalls: Hor Lor – Durian shaped like the gourd. Whitish yellow, very smooth flesh […]

Theme Tuesday – Seasonal Fruits

I know, it is Wednesday already! As usual, I missed Tuesday again. 😛 It is May and usually, around this time of the year, we will be seeing a lot of seasonal fruits that are available once a year. This is also the time when most people fall sick. They blame it on the ‘heatiness’ […]

It’s the durians season again!

My favourite time of the year. It is when the air has this special smell. Very much like rotten cheese and yet, so special. Well, don’t worry, it is not the air in the whole country. But at places like the markets and even from others’ homes. I know how torturous it is when the […]

Fresh dates for Ramadhan (buah kurma)

The month of Ramadhan starts tomorrow which means Muslims will fast from dawn to dusk for a whole month until Syawal when they celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. However, this year, the supermarkets are exceptionally early with their promotions and displays. Many bigger supermarket have spruced up their place several weeks ago. Non-Muslim like me also […]

Cheese, grape, strawberry, brie and cracker

This is a quick supper I put together for my kids. Since the photo looks so colourful, I decide to make a post just for it. It is basically crackers, brie cheese, Thompson green seedless grape and flame seedless grape plus strawberry. Brie cheese is a type of soft cheese with not much taste (to […]